CSA #1: So today is the official start of winter. Who cares?
CSA #2: To some people that is important.
CSA #1: Like who, bears?
CSA #2: To some people it’s a winter holiday
CSA #1: Like who, Canadians?

1000 Semmes Avenue
Richmond, Virginia

Overheard by: Chastain

Manager #1: So, do you have a hurricane there?
Manager #2: There is no hurricane in Atlanta at this time. It’s way over near the Yucatan.
Manager #1: Oh. So will you get any of it?
Manager #2: It’s like a thousand miles away. It’s a little too soon to tell how much it will affect us at this point.
Manager #3: I heard that Wilma is the last name they have on the list.
Manager #1: Ha, ha! What will they do if another one comes? Start over?
Manager #2: They will use Greek letters.
Manager #1: Ha, ha, ha!
Manager #2: That wasn’t a joke.
Manager #1: Oh. Ha, ha! So, the next one will be like Hurricane
“XVII” and then Hurricane “XVIII”? Ha, ha!
Manager #2: No. Those are Roman numerals.

5601 N. Lindero Canyon Road
Westlake Village, California

Guy behind counter on cell: So I’ll be there soon….What’s that sound?….Oh, yeah! I thought I heard a tornado in the background!

Hall’s Archery Range
Manchester, England

Flight attendant, as plane lands: JetBlue airways would like to welcome you to Boston, where the local time is approximately 9:50 and the local temperature is approximately cold.

Logan Airport
Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: he was right

Loud man complaining to librarian: Can you turn the heat up or the air conditioning down? It's too cold in here. It might be fine for someone with type o blood, but I'm freezing!

Public Library
La Jolla, California

Postal worker #1: It's supposed to storm…
Postal worker #2: Yes, at six.
Postal worker #1: But not till after six, right?
Postal worker #2: The storm is scheduled for 6:05.

Post Office
Franklin Park, Illinois

Tech guy: Did you hear about all the snow in New York?
Help desk chick: Yeah, wow! That means it’ll be heading here to California.
Tech guy: (silence).

Imperial Highway Brea

Female secretary #1: I decided I'm not going to golf in the rain anymore.
Female secretary #2: Are you guys going to fight?
Male secretary: No fighting! Only dancing!!

Providence, Rhode Island

Suit on cell: I’m going home and changing into shorts. It’s so hot out there I need to throw up.

Washington Mutual
Livermore, California

Overheard by: Stephen

Manager: It’s rainin’ like a cow peein’ on a rock.

1400 Douglas Street
Omaha, Nebraska