Customer service rep #1: Is it raining?
Customer service rep #2: The ground is wet.
Customer service rep #1: But is the… air… wet?

Newton, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Tom

Gay IT guy: Man, it's hot in here.
Coworker: Yeah, especially since you walked in, but we have the heater on.

Appleton City, Missouri

Female boss to male underling, about predicted upcoming snow storm: Tell me how many inches it is and then I'll decide if I have to be afraid of it!

Felton, Delaware

Man: Yeah, they bring us all the way over to this new building and the air conditioner doesn’t even work. It’s June and ninety degrees, and no air conditioner…but it’s not like I’m bitter or anything.

735 Brewerton Road
West Point, New York

Woman on phone: That's why I'm not going to drive the Kia on hot days anymore.

Lind Avenue
Renton, Washington

Office chick #1: Have you seen the weather today?
Office chick #2: 100% chance of gayness today.

Burlington, Massachusetts

Overheard by: tater

Brunette office girl: She's off sick today, she has a cold.
Blonde office girl: But how did she get a cold when it was so hot yesterday?


Manager entering office: It's raining pretty heavy.
Woman: Outside?
Manager, staring blankly for several seconds: Uh… yeah.

North Carolina

Overheard by: Seriously?

Coworker #1: Did it rain while you were in Chicago?
Coworker #2: Nope.
Coworker #1: Oh, that’s good. I saw on the Weather Channel that it was raining in Virginia, and I got worried.

42 South Street
Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Suit #1: So your mother thinks the tsunami is what’s causing the bad weather in California?
Suit #2: You never know, she may be right.
Suit #3: Mother is always right…Mother knows best…

30 E. 33rd Street
New York, NY