20-something girl: I hate coming here, it's always cold and my nipples get hard.
20-something friend: That never happens to me… Is that like getting a hard-on or something?

Resort and Casino
Ledyard, Connecticut

Overheard by: fxwd

Co-worker #1: I’m really hot.
Co-worker #2: I’m turning the heat down to 90. If anyone’s cold then they can go into [Jessica]’s office, but first you have to take off your clothes because it’s a sauna in there.
Co-worker #3: You shouldn’t tell people to take their clothes off before going into [Jessica]’s office.

57 Binney Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Supervisor to dark-skinned Indian employee: Were you out much this weekend? You are so tan.

473 Ridge Road
Dayton, New Jersey

Overheard by: office peon

Worker #1: Is anyone else in here cold?
Worker #2: Well I'm not warm…If that's what you mean.

Renton, Washington

Rep #1: What are you looking at?
Rep #2: It's a Mexican government web page. You can see the clouds and stuff anywhere in the world.
Rep #1: Cool.
Rep #2: It's super cool. I like, like the clouds and stuff. Maybe I should have been a cardiologist.

Sioux City, Iowa

Boss, looking out window at parking lot full of snow: It's like a parking lot out there!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Young white girl: You need to wear sunscreen. My mommy told me that skin gets dark if you don’t wear sunscreen.
Young black girl: I was BORN dark.
Young black boy: Me, too.
Young white girl: Really?
Young black boy: I wear sunscreen, too.
Young white girl: You were born that way? So it’s not the sun? Really?

Austin, Texas

Overheard by: Amused Pre-K teacher

Guy: My computer keeps freezing.
Girl: It’s not freezing, it’s hot in here.

135 E. 57th Street
New York, NY

Co-Worker #1: Weather is the great conversational equalizer.
Co-Worker #2: Yeah.
Co-Worker #1: ‘Cause every place has weather. And chipmunks. But nobody ever talks about chipmunks.

1593 Galbraith Avenue
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Overheard by: Playtah

Admin #1: I have to have my green tea to protect me from other people's colds!
Coworker: It's too early for cold season. Yes, do whatever it takes to stay healthy.
Admin #1: Yes, and I also like echinacea but dont have any.
Admin #2: Ah, I like euthanasia too.
Admin #2: Wait, what's the difference between euthanasia and echinacea anyways?

Fairfield County, Connecticut