Disgruntled teacher: Well, we need advance notice when the file server’s going to be down, especially when we work on final exams and stuff.
Principal: Duly noted.
Tall teacher: And ignored.

Hancock, New York

Frazzled accountant: So yes, please mail me the statement ASAP! Yes, thanks, thanks. Okay, love you.
(after a minute, to peon)
Did I just say “I love you”?


Tech illiterate office guy: Phil, how do you lubricate the internet?


Coworker, about new Twitter follower: Never mind, I thought it was a hooker.

Amarillo, Texas

Overheard by: Gina

Girl coworker: I’ll e‑mail the help desk…I’ll just say “please help us, help desk.” Ahahah! I ‘m so funny.
Guy coworker: Okay, good idea. You’re typing all in caps.
Girl coworker: I know! That’s because everything is in capitals on my computer.
Guy coworker: Um, you have the cap locks on.
Girl coworker: What is that?
Guy coworker: The caps lock key on your keyboard?
Girl coworker: Oh, no! My computer is just all caps.
Guy coworker: No, just do this. (does it) See? Now you’re not in caps anymore.
Girl coworker: Oh my gosh! You are so smart! Oh! Thank you so much! Oooohhh! Let me retype my e‑mail to the help desk! “Please help us, help desk.” That’s so funny! “Please help us, help desk.”

Northern California

Woman smoking on loading dock: I get e‑mails from him at 3 and 4 am on Saturdays and I think to myself, “if he’s married, he must hate his wife.”

Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: fly on the wall

Senior business analyst: That e‑mail is pretty good. Now just polish it up and send it out.
Business analyst: I did polish it!


Overheard by: Derek Braithwaite

Coworker to office administrator: Why did you send me this e‑mail twice?
Office admin: Because they sent it to me twice.
Coworker: So why did you send it to me twice?
Office admin: Because I thought it would only take you five seconds to delete.
Coworker: Didn’t you look at it before you sent it to me?
Office admin: Yes… but I didn’t send you the pornographic e‑mail that came in before that one!


Male worker to another: Damn, look at that girl’s ass on MySpace!
Female worker: Could you guys do this somewhere else?
Male worker: Nope, you see, this office is just like the guys’ locker room and you just happen to be working here.

Washington, DC

Older female: My Yahoo is full of spam.