Cube guy #1: Yeah, you should go to the overseas office if you get a chance, they treat you real nice there.
Cube guy #2: Really?
Cube guy #1: Yeah, they were real good to me.
Cube guy #2: Yeah? They give you the reach‐around?
Supervisor, walking by on the way to his office: What? 

Austin, Texas

Boss, interrupting serious discussion on Risk Management: I’m feeling frisky!

Atlanta, Georgia

Project manager, regarding principal of firm: He has been driving around with his windshield wipers on because he can’t figure out how to turn them off, do you really think he will understand this?

98th & Broadway
New York City, New York

Co‐worker: Hey [Trish], can you come here a sec?
Office Manager: Yeah, where are you?
Co‐worker: I’m in the closet.

155 6th Avenue
New York, NY

Boss, looking at St. Patrick’s parade: Oh, look, it’s the St. Patrick’s parade, I just love Greek food!

Neptune, New Jersey

Overheard by: Karen

Disgruntled teacher: Well, we need advance notice when the file server’s going to be down, especially when we work on final exams and stuff.
Principal: Duly noted.
Tall teacher: And ignored.

Hancock, New York

Manager: Yeah, so at this new salon I can get my hair highlighted for $120, and that includes the shampoo, haircut, and blow job.

Bethesda, Maryland

Male boss, on phone with male contractor: I’m tellin’ ya, man. I need nine inches!

Wentzville, Missouri

Director #1: [Beth], sit over here!
Director #2: Yeah [Beth], this is the power row. 

2111 North Haskell Avenue
Dallas, Texas 

Front manager: I wanna go out on the town and cause trouble tonight. Not to the point of getting arrested, but… really close.

Newton, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Tom