Boss: Make sure you wear something nice like that skirt you had on last weekend.
DJ: But what if it’s cold outside this weekend?
Boss: Doesn’t matter…the Army guys will pull more recruits if you broadcast in something a little revealing. Plus they paid a lot of money for this remote.

1711 Ellis Drive
Valdosta, Georgia

Overheard by: Todd McClure

Project Manager: We didn’t know the old system generated those reports.
CIO: Well, you can’t clean out an old warehouse without finding a few rat turds in the corner.

655 Engineering Drive
Norcross, Georgia

Co-worker: We work with fucking children. There are boogers all over the bathroom walls again!

6000 Windward Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia

Coworker on phone: So are we okay or is it squishy?

Atlanta, Georgia

Project manager: We need to get the turnover rate for the past 12 months.
Database admin: I have that. I can give you the turnover for the past year.
Project manager: Great! We’ll also need it for the previous 12 months.
Database admin: I’m confused — isn’t the past 12 months the previous 12 months?
Project manager: Yes.

1055 Lenox Park Boulevard
Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: Iga

Woman: If I was in the army and was sent to war, you’d better believe
that I’d get pregnant as fast as I could so they would send me home.

475 Buckhead Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia

Boss, interrupting serious discussion on Risk Management: I’m feeling frisky!

Atlanta, Georgia

Coworker, about a newborn: Then her husband cut the Biblical cord…

171 17th Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia

Boss: Okay, before we cross that Rubicon … Wait, does everyone know what the Rubicon was?
Minion: Yeah! It's the brain!
Boss: (blinks) Okay… Anyone else have a guess?

Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: veni vidi deridei

Five-year-old girl, reading book about whales: Hey mom, does a baby whale really come out of a mama whale's butt?
Mom: Hmmm…
Hygienist: Oh my god, did anyone else hear that?

Dentist Office
Augusta, Georgia