Manager: Thank you, you are an officer and a gentleman.

1175 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia

CSR on phone: Sir, would you mind slowing down just a little bit?You’re really giving me a lot of information, and it’s not really
registering in my brain because I’m still trying to type in all the
other crap you told me.

5129 Beverly Glen Village Lane
Norcross, Georgia

Boss: Make sure you wear something nice like that skirt you had on last weekend.
DJ: But what if it’s cold outside this weekend?
Boss: Doesn’t matter…the Army guys will pull more recruits if you broadcast in something a little revealing. Plus they paid a lot of money for this remote.

1711 Ellis Drive
Valdosta, Georgia

Overheard by: Todd McClure

Project Manager: We didn’t know the old system generated those reports.
CIO: Well, you can’t clean out an old warehouse without finding a few rat turds in the corner.

655 Engineering Drive
Norcross, Georgia

Co-worker: We work with fucking children. There are boogers all over the bathroom walls again!

6000 Windward Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia

Coworker on phone: So are we okay or is it squishy?

Atlanta, Georgia

Project manager: We need to get the turnover rate for the past 12 months.
Database admin: I have that. I can give you the turnover for the past year.
Project manager: Great! We’ll also need it for the previous 12 months.
Database admin: I’m confused — isn’t the past 12 months the previous 12 months?
Project manager: Yes.

1055 Lenox Park Boulevard
Atlanta, Georgia

Overheard by: Iga

Woman: If I was in the army and was sent to war, you’d better believe
that I’d get pregnant as fast as I could so they would send me home.

475 Buckhead Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia

Boss, interrupting serious discussion on Risk Management: I’m feeling frisky!

Atlanta, Georgia

Coworker, about a newborn: Then her husband cut the Biblical cord…

171 17th Street NW
Atlanta, Georgia