Coworker #1: With all the rain we've been getting, I bet the streams are running full.
Coworker #2: That depends on how much beaver action there's been. (pause) Did I seriously just say that?

Colchester, Vermont

Overheard by: hddesc

Worker #1: It's cold out.
Worker #2: Yeah, it's like having half a cup of coffee thrown in your face…but cold.
Worker #1: That's the worst analogy ever.

14th Street
Arlington, Virginia

Female secretary #1: I was hoping to mow the lawn today, but I probably won't be able to because of the weather.
Female secretary #2: Yeah, it sounds like it's supposed to rain this afternoon.
Male clerk: Oh, I didn't think weather matters when it comes to mowing the lawn.
Female secretary #1: Sure it does. You get all the grass stuck on the blades, and it causes all sorts of problems.
Male clerk: No, I was referring to the other type of mowing the lawn.
Female secretary #1: Oh. Well, yeah. The weather doesn't really matter for that. And that's more of a daily thing, anyway.

Albany, New York

Suit on cell: The fog is coming. The fog. I can see it. The fog is coming. The fog.

Oakland, California

HR clerk, reading weather report: It will be dry today.
Receptionist: Not if I think about the new guy.

Pearl, Mississippi

Overheard by: Brain Dancing

Boss to distant customer inquiring about the weather: Holy fuck–it's rainin' harder than a cow pissin' on a flat rock.

Columbia, New Jersey

College student: The top concern on my mind right now is the hurricane that hit Haiti.

Vermillion, South Dakota

Peon #1: Hey, boss, there is a water leak up on the second floor.
Boss: Well, let's get up there and check it out.
Peon #2: So there's a leak in the roof, huh?
Peon #1: Yeah, but the good thing is: it only leaks when it rains!

Elk City, Oklahoma

Coworker #1: You know, it's a lot warmer in my office than the rest of the floor. Is the a/c on?
Coworker #2: Um, maybe it's because your window is open?

Boston, Massachusetts

Ditzy blonde to other cubicle neighbor: If it was colder outside, this rain would be snow.


Overheard by: Just Because