South Dakota

Office guy #1: Does this look hard to you? Feel it?
Office girl: I don't really like it hard. I like it soft.
Office guy #1: I was thinking the same thing. Should we cut it off?
Office guy #1: Do you like it hard? Feel it.
Office guy #2: Do you know what this sounds like?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Co-worker: God, I’m horny. I shouldn’t have worn these tennis shoes.

610 Gateway Drive
North Sioux City, South Dakota

Coworker: I wish I was pregnant. You can eat as much as you want and nobody says anything.

Dakota Street
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Manager: I hate my new badge picture. It makes me look like I have a fat head.
Employee: But you do have a fat head.
Manager: I know that. I just don’t want to advertise it to the whole world.

610 Gateway Drive
North Sioux City, South Dakota

College student: The top concern on my mind right now is the hurricane that hit Haiti.

Vermillion, South Dakota

Receptionist: That goes on my to-do list right below having sex with a midget.

Madison, South Dakota

Agent: Can you tell me what color the small square or circular sticker is on the back of your phone?
Customer: I had cervical surgery this week. My neck hurts.

Vermillion, South Dakota

Overheard by: Haley

Department Manager: How do we file a claim?
Insurance Rep: Just download a claim form and fax it to us with your bill from the doctor.
Department Manager: Do we have to fax the original bill or can we just fax a copy?
Insurance Rep: Um…yes, it’s a fax.

3900 West Avera Drive
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Overheard by: AllGladHere

Blonde coworker: Oh, I just thought of something sad! Now no-one is going to get the beaver!

Spearfish, South Dakota

Overheard by: deeegeee