Pop culture

Boss: Sorry, I didn't recognize you.
Potential client: It's okay, my girlfriend is blind.
Boss: Your girlfriend is blind? Like Stevie Wonder blind?
Potential client: Yes, like Stevie Wonder blind.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Overheard by: Aimee

Male intern #1: Conor's sick, won't be in at all today.
Female intern: Is he really sick, or just too sick for work but not sick enough for drinks?
Male intern #2: Really? He liked Katy Perry on Facebook at about half nine! Can't be that sick…


Office drone #1: I'd like to get some hamsters. That'd be cool. Then I could get an eagle, and let them go in the backyard so the eagle could get some exercise.
Office drone #2: Who are you–Michael Vick?

Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: Isotope Feeney

Engineer: Ew! Megan Fox's thumbs look like toes!
Technician: Yeah, but I bet they don't taste like toes!


Overheard by: jon drake

Clueless admin: What does Raj do?
Office manager: He does the same thing Sheldon does, a cosmologist.
Clueless admin: A cosmologist is a beautician.
Office manager: Do you mean cosmetologist?


Colleague on phone: No, no, no. No! I'm gonna ask you, like Tina Turner asked Ike: What's love got to do with this, baby?

Fordham University
New York

Coworker #1:, on Kirstie Alley's appearance on Dancing with the Stars: She must be wearing those things, what are they called?
Coworker #2: Spanks.
Coworker #1: Stanks?

East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

Shabbily dressed Jewish loan officer: Who? That Nazi Mel Gibson? I hate that Nazi! I'll kill him!

Southfield, Michigan

Employee to coworker: Hey, do you have Bieber fever? Because if you do, you should take a sick day… I don't wanna catch it.

Denver, Colorado

Overheard by: There's a shot for that…

Coworker to another: So I guess equestrian events have become real popular since Michael Phelps became famous?

Manhattan, New York