Pop culture

Coworker, talking about rappers: Eminem? He ain't got style. When he came out he was just trying to be the black Tupac.

Youngstown, Ohio

Strategist #1, in comical accent: That's a match!
Strategist #2: I can't tell if that was Borat or one of the Mario Brothers.

Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: McNasty

Marketing freak #1: It's like porn.
Marketing freak #2: Haha… Yeah. It is, I like it.
CEO's assistant: Porn?
Marketing freak #3: Yeah, Sports Illustrated. Have you seen it?

Itasca, Illinois

Overheard by: Walking through an Origy

Coworker #1: So, what do you think about Nicole Richie? Do you think she’s anorexic?
Coworker #2: I don’t think she’s anorexic. I just think she never eats.

29111 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, Michigan

Overheard by: Make it stop

As We Said They Should, Dear Reader

Tom*, reading newspaper: Archie Comics introduces first gay character.
Mike*: They're taking over the world!
Tom*: Archie comics?
Mike*, whispering: No, the gays.

Portland, Maine

Salesperson, in response to reading a news article: Why would anyone name their pet Booger, then have him cloned?
Customer: I wish aliens would come down and take Paris Hilton away.

Hollywood, California

Overheard by: bearer of randomness

Accounting #1: So I'm not sure how she got the idea to put ham on the fan blades. Maybe tv? I don't think ham is really salient to most people. But I can see tying something up there to watch it spin around…
Accounting #2: Maybe some shiny paper or something like that, I guess.
Accounting #1: Or headless Barbie dolls.
Accounting #2: Sometimes I wonder about you.
Accounting #1: Headless Barbie dolls wrapped in ham.

Omaha, Nebraska

Angry boss: Why can't the pen have a laser pointer? Why does the pen have to project the company logo? Why does it have to be gay like we're calling Superman or something?

Overland Park, Kansas

Receptionist: I found out that I can't go to Disney World because I have a paper due that week and I don't want to miss 100 points.
Boss (who is rather overweight and old): That is really too bad but I mean, I'll go in your place.
Receptionist: Only if you get Mickey Mouse ears and go to the castle and have dinner with the princesses.
Boss: Sure. I'll be the best fucking princess those bitches have ever seen!

Bellingham, Washington

White dude to black coworker: The cool thing about Obama is that he is able to transcend race. He’s the ultimate embodiment of American multiculturalism and pluralism. He’s white and black, and his race doesn’t matter, he’s got character, which was Martin Luther King’s dream, that people would be judged according to the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
White dude #2: Yeah, well, I just can’t wait until Obama gets into office and he invites MTV over to the White House to film an episode of Cribs and he’s got a stripper pole in the basement right by his poster of Scarface.

130th Street
Tacoma, Washington

Overheard by: Stan Green