Boutique girl #1: We could go out to Dexter’s after work, but there’s a Beatles cover band there tonight.
Boutique girl #2: Ugh! Yeah? Oh well…
Boutique girl #3: I don’t even know any of their new albums.

New Jersey

Male cube rat: Hey, Amanda, you wanna come sing “Endless Love” with me?

Chesapeake, Virginia

Overheard by: Project Manager

Event planner: Don’t you think we should have background music?
Manager: That would be too expensive.
Event planner: What about just one person playing a harp?
Manager: Do you know someone?
Event planner: Yeah. I know a harpoonist.

St. Louis, Missouri

Overheard by: Tim

Boss, singing: Blue and yellow! Yellow and blue! Blueeee! Yelloooooow!
Employee: Here she goes again.

Reston, Virginia

Overheard by: Carly

Confused coworker on phone: My day? I just found out that the lead singer of Rush isn’t a girl.

Portland, Oregon

Employee: I have “Holly Jolly Christmas” in my head, and it’s all the bathroom’s fault.

Kansas City, Missouri

Overheard by: Meghan

Coworker: Bon jovi’s on American Idol?! Good god, this calls for a new pack of batteries and the tv on in the bedroom!

Portland, Oregon

Coworker: On a scale of one to Chris Brown, how angry are you?

Houston, Texas

Queer (in tears): What you did hurt me, it hurt me to the core!
Fag hag: What are you talking about?
Queer: That was my song, I sing that song – you stole it from me!
Fag hag: It’s a song, it’s karaoke…fucking get over it!
Queer (still in tears): You don’t understand, it’s my song!

Brooklyn, New York

Manager: Where’s Mike Love’s file? I need Love by 9 o’clock!

Richmond, Virginia