Tech on phone: Okay, go ahead and type in your password…Yep, just type it in…In the password field…Just type it…With your keyboard…Should be right in front of you… Has letters on it…Great!

3601 SW Murray Boulevard
Beaverton, Oregon

Overheard by: onebadwebmonkey

Worker: Someone left puke in the toilet. I swear, bulimia should be illegal.

1000 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon

CSR: Can you give me your daughter’s measurements?

714 NE Hancock Street
Portland, Oregon

Operations manager: This chart really gets into the details if you're interested.
Assistant director: I don't think we really need to go into all the sausage-making details.
Director: Yeah, I've seen way too much sausage.

Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Worst part? No one else laughed.

Eight-year-old girl running up to her mother in line: I’m 13, and you don’t know me!

JC Penney
Eugene, Oregon

Liaison: I need you to look at this with your anal eye.

12447 SW 69th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Co-worker #1: What is a good exercise for the lower abs?
Co-worker #2: Well, I can think of one exercise that’s really good for the abs…
Co-worker #3: yeah, but only if he can last longer than 5 minutes.

The copy repairman pops out from under the copier.

Repairman: Well ladies, it’s been an entertaining afternoon.

8565 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway
Portland, Oregon

Confused coworker on phone: My day? I just found out that the lead singer of Rush isn't a girl.

Portland, Oregon

Office clerk: Wait, this doesn’t look right.
Manager: It has to be right -it’s highlighted.
Office clerk: Maybe someone highlighted the wrong thing, because that’s not right.
Manager: I highlighted it.
Office clerk: Well, I think it may be wrong.
Manager: It can’t be wrong. It’s highlighted.

5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Overheard by: Saw the Light

Coworker: Bon jovi's on American Idol?! Good god, this calls for a new pack of batteries and the tv on in the bedroom!

Portland, Oregon