Cubicle mate #1: Do you remember when Steve Urkel got all hot and started going as Stefan Urquelle?
Cubicle mate #2, confused: Yeah…
Cubicle mate #1: I just remembered that.
Cubicle mate #2: Ha. Did I do that?

Ontario Street
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: gotanycheese

Manager: Go home every day and watch Dukes of Hazzard. Problem solved.

Friendly's Ice Cream
Convent Station, New Jersey

Cube dweller: Hey Liz*, wanna hear something crazy?
Liz*: Sure.
Cube dweller: That stock I bought is up 900% today.
Liz*: Which stock?
Cube dweller: That gay stock I bought! 900%!
Liz*: Gay stock…?
Cube dweller: Yeah–that gay tv network stock. I knew it! Gay tv, yes!
Liz*: Well, good for you…
Cube dweller: Man, my butt is so sore today…

Warren, Michigan

Overheard by: Your what is sore?!

Coworker, having lunch: Is it bad of me to think of a group of strong guys getting together and jumping Spencer Pratt? I ask because the thought of it really brings a smile to my face.

Melville, New York

Guy: Have you seen To Catch a Predator?
Girl: I've read To Kill a Mockingbird.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Coworker: Bon jovi's on American Idol?! Good god, this calls for a new pack of batteries and the tv on in the bedroom!

Portland, Oregon

Employee #1, looking at t-shirt designed by Daisy Fuentes with a spanish word printed on it: God, when did Daisy Fuentes become Spanish?
Employee #2: Hasn't she always been Spanish?
Employee #1: No! She thinks she's so cool she can just decide to be Spanish one day.
Employee #2: But her last name sounds Spanish.
Employee #1, pronouncing it wrong: Fuentes? Whatever, that isn't Spanish. She's so fake. God, I hate people that are fake.

Kohl's Department Store

Overheard by: Expect Great Things

Boss: Jamie Lynn Spears?
Worker: No! Jamie Lynn DiScala. Meadow from The Sopranos.
Boss: Omg, I saw her when I was getting pregnant!

Park Ave
New York City, New York

Male coworker: Who was the other guy in CHIPS? Not Erik Estrada, the other one.
Female coworker: It was officer Johnathan Baker and… Arthur Poncharelli?

Glastonbury, Connecticut

Overheard by: James Logan

Guy to friend: It was just like Barney… but with Cubans and machetes.

Tampa, Florida

Overheard by: sarswolu