Student #1: What's Joe's last name?
Student #2: Joe who?

Upstate New York

Office drone #1: Hey, Thomas, how do you pronounce that customer's name?
Office drone #2: Which one?
Office drone #1: You know, the one I can't say right.
Office drone #2: “Roger”?
Office drone #1: …yeah.


Bank teller #1: So what did you do?
Bank teller #2, wearing name tag that says “Sue*”: I told him my name was Kelly and I ran!

Dayton, Ohio

Caller: I'm calling to talk to the woman I talked to last week. I can't remember her name.
(pause) I don't know…did I call the right place?

Richmond, Virginia

Loner geek, answering phone: The Phoenix rises at 3 pm. (hangs up phone)

Washington, DC

Overheard by: Bec215

Female account exec #1: How do you pronounce Leslie's* last name?
Female account exec #2: “Scrotum?”
Female account exec #1: “Screwum?”
Female account exec #2: I guess there's a lot of bad ways you can pronounce her name.

New York City, New York

X-ray tech: I just finished with Seaman. You know, his friends call him “cum.”

Lakeville, Massachusetts

Bewildered call agent: No, ma'am, “Seattle” is not spelled with a “c,” if it were it would sound like… “cattle.”

Yakima, Washington

Overheard by: Moooo

Secretary to irate victim on the phone: Well, ma'am, perhaps it would help if you could remember the name of the prosecutor who handled your case…
Irate victim: Well… I don't remember his name, but I can tell you he was the meanest son of a bitch in that office!
Secretary, sighing: Ma'am, I'm afraid you're going to have to be much more specific than that.


Overheard by: Nice Little Lemur Girl

Girl #1: And then it said “list any nicknames,” and that's where I stopped. I mean, I only have the one. You know, the one that begins with “h.”
Girl #2: (mumbles)
Girl #1: Well, yeah, a silent “w.”