Business Services Manager: I just sent you that logo in Word format.
Web Manager: Word isn’t really an image format, but I can probably make it work.
Business Services Manager: Well, I probably have it in another format. I think I might have it as a Giraffe.

211 Commerce Street
Nashville, Tennessee

Boss #1: You’re taking off for your wedding; when will you be back?
Co-worker: Two weeks.
Boss #2: Yes, and when she gets back, she’ll no longer be a virgin.

609 Reliability Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Arthur Vandelay

Admissions clerk: Can I help you?
Student: I didn’t get credit for a class I took this summer.
Admissions clerk: Did you go to class?
Student: Sometimes.
Admissions clerk: Did you pay for the class or do you have a student loan?
Student: No.

120 White Bridge Road
Nashville, Tennessee

Overheard by: Susan Fanning

Secretary: Wow, this is not much work for Friday!
Boss: …Except that it’s Wednesday today.

Dogwood Ave, Building 1
Johnson City, Tennessee

Geeky IT guy: How can you hate fonts?

Memphis, Tennessee

Overheard by: indifferent to fonts

Sales manager: My husband and I used that new KY warming gel last night, and I thought of you.
Female sales assistant: Ummm, could you please not think of me while you’re having sex?
Sales manager: No, what I mean is…
Female sales assistant: No. Please, just stop.

Brentwood, Tennessee

Overheard by: sex object

Hick girl #1: Look, I’m just saying, that bitch was a bitch.
Hick girl #2: She is such a bitch.
Hick girl #1: I know. And her costume wasn’t even funny.
Hick girl #2: I don’t think they’re supposed to be funny. I think they’re supposed to be scary.
Hick girl #1: Her tits are scary.
Hick girl #2: She’s always showin’ her tits. I don’t wanna see them scary-ass tits.
Bitch: My tits are expensive, you stupid hick bitches.
Hick girl #1: Why didn’t you say you were in there, bitch? God, you’re a bitch.
Hick girl #2: Bitch.

Nashville, Tennessee

CSR to coworker: I don't really understand sororities. I've always been able to make friends, get drunk and have random sex without having to pay dues.

Nashville, Tennessee

Guy: Have you seen To Catch a Predator?
Girl: I've read To Kill a Mockingbird.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Coworker, trying to get security card out of pocket: Why would you stand there and let me unbutton my pants when you already had yours out?

Nashville, Tennessee