Office worker: The paper coming out of the printer is really hot! It’s never been that hot before. Can we do something to cool it down?
Tech: Oh, I forgot! I put the summer paper in there! I’ll switch to the winter paper! Give me 10 minutes.

1700 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard
West Palm Beach, Florida

Girl: So Friday’s your last day?
Guy: Yeah, I’ll be working closer to home. I have an hour long drive to get here from my house.
Girl: Good thing you’ll be working closer to home. Traffic will suck your soul.

800 South Douglas Road
Coral Gables, Florida

Underling: What do you think about the new price increase?
Team leader: I think; that’s all I know.

1070 Technology Drive
Venice, Florida

Marketing Director: So as we can see, it’s going to be effective with a capital A!

2815 NW 13th Street
Gainesville, Florida

Overheard by: The Evil Overlord

Employee: So Doc, how long before the leg grows back?
Vet: It’s not a freakin’ starfish!

4448 Hendricks Avenuw
Jacksonville, Florida

Manager: How dare you besmirch my good name and then saunter into my office as though nothing was said? Out, out infidel!
Writer: Oh…that’s just how I roll.

650 Technology Park
Lake Mary, Florida

Co-worker #1: It helps me get the deposit ready if you put all the checks in alphabetical order.
Co-worker #2: Okay, not a problem.
Co-worker #1: Yeah, they call me anal because I like it that way.

132 West Central Avenue
Lake Wales, Florida

Engineer: Man, I can’t write code today. Someone must have stole my
Manager: That would be petty theft.

8000 West Sunrise Boulevard
Plantation, Florida

Co-worker #1: There’s so much free food in this office!
Co-worker #2: At least we’re young and not obese.
Co-worker #1: Seriously…when you turn 45 and you’re working for the State, they should just pay for your gastric bypass surgery.

The Capitol Building
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida

Overheard by: Kara M.

Co-worker on phone: The publication is called CFS Law Report…Yes, C…F…S…As in California, Frank, Tsunami.

360 Hiatt Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida