Pop culture

Employee to another: And that's the first time I played Pac-Man!

Louisville, Kentucky

Overheard by: Doug

CSR, on customer welcome call: Is your last name Valdez?
Customer: Yes, it is.
CSR, on customer welcome call: Is your father Juan Valdez? You can say you have a famous father!

Troy, Michigan

Overheard by: Mortgage Whisperer

Male worker #1: Would you do coke off of Lindsay Lohan's ass?
Male worker #2: What, like snort it out of her asshole? Yes.

New York City, New York

Boss: James, where's the flag?
Teenage employee: I don't know.
Boss: You were just wearing it around your shoulders.
Teenage employee: Oh, my superhero cape! It's right here.


Supervisor: Can you send this letter to The Netherlands?
Receptionist: Where's Neverland?

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Overheard by: i wish i could say this doesn't happen on a regular basis…

Office supplies clerk: Where is all double sided tape going?
Office peon (to other peon): One more roll for my left foot and I can scale the building like Spiderman.

Downtown Orlando, Florida

Someone from upstairs on PA system: Mrfff marhhh purpfff rrharp!
Receptionist downstairs on PA system just moments afterwards, completely deadpan: Would Charlie Brown's parents please stop paging people on the intercom? Thank you.

Roswell, New Mexico

Overheard by: The Help

Boss: If the phone rings, and I'm still here…
Secretary: You're not here?
Boss: Right. I don't care if it's Carmen Electra calling for an emergency titty-fuck.

Rhode Island

Overheard by: Lauren

Coworker #1: I heard Sophia Loren was ill.
Coworker #2: Is that Ralph Lauren’s wife?

48th street
Pompano Beach, Florida

Woman #1: Mandy received her first Precious Moments figurine.
Woman #2: I hate Precious Moments. They steal your soul while you sleep, that's why their eyes are so big.

Minneapolis, Minnesota