Pop culture

Customer: You really should read The Man in the High Castle. it's a great book, one of Philip K. Dick's best.
Barista: I'll have to read it. I'm a big Dick fan.

Burlington, Vermont

Overheard by: Isotope Feeney

Copywriter #1: Hey, Margaret Atwood's coming out with her own brand of coffee.
Copywriter #2: That'll be the weirdest coffee ever!
Copywriter #3: It'll taste like… Birds!


Program manager, about difficult client: I had to bring extra staff because I couldn't count on her to be there. Did you know she has a chihuahua named Anna Nicole? She snuck it into the hotel.
Marketing manager: Oh. My. God. (pause) At least she didn't name it Paris Hilton.

North Carolina

Male coworker, engrossed in conversation: Let's google Julie Andrews's boobs!

Government Office
Washington, DC

Disney peon #1, discussing Jonas Brothers project: “You've just been Jo-Bro'd” sounds so obscene.
Disney peon #2: Yeah, and the tag line is, “packed with more Jonas than you've ever seen.”
(ten minutes later)
Disney peon #3, walking up: I feel like my brain is running out my ears.
Disney peons #1 & #2: You've just been Jo-Bro'd!

Burbank, California

Boss, returning from magazine photo shoot: I'm a star!

Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: soon to be leaving this

Construction guy #1: I can't wait to go see Criss Angel this weekend.
Construction guy #2: He's a freak… He's a mind freak.
Construction guy #1: Yeah. You know why he can do the stuff he does, right? He's part demon.
Construction guy #2: Really?
Construction guy #1: That's what I heard.

Manhattan, New York

Peon to office: Has anyone seen a magazine and some aloe lotion?

Broadway, Chicago

Orientation instructor: Well, yesterday we had a “team exercise” but it quickly spiraled into a Lord of the Rings scenario.

Alexandria, Virginia

Overheard by: Amy

Girl: Don't do that.
Guy: Why? Oh, does it look like I'm giving the Beanie Baby a blow job?
Girl: (silence)
Guy: I'm okay with that.

Dallas, Texas