New Mexico

Secretary: If we fax something to someone, and our machine is out of ink, will they still get it?

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Overheard by: Reception

Lady #1: I’m saving myself for Mozart.
Lady #2: That’s going to be quite a wait, honey.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Overheard by: Sarah

Lead animator: Quit goofing off!
Animator: I’m not.
Lead animator: I said no goofing off! Get to work!
Animator: I am working.
Lead animator, hitting animator with poster: No talking! Get to work!
Animator: I am working!
Lead animator: [Picks up computer mouse, and throws it across the desk.] Get to work! No talking!

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Overheard by: pretty picture guy

Coworker #1: Weather said 50% chance of rain.
Coworker #2: Psh! Yeah, right!
Coworker #3: But…it did rain.
Coworker #2: Yeah, a little. Like maybe fifty raindrops, but sure as hell no fifty percent.

9482 Ajax Road
McGregor Range, New Mexico

Cube dweller #1, dressed as redneck hunter: Whew, that salsa’s hot! I can’t eat any more of it!
Cube dweller #2, dressed as kitty cat: She’ll eat wild beaver, but not hot salsa… [Coworkers stare.]

New Mexico

Overheard by: ummmm…..she’ll eat what?

Supervisor: I need your traveler in the system by 2.
Employee: Okay, I'll get on that after lunch.
Supervisor: Sounds good. (notices ass pressed up against window) And tell Nick his friend isn't allowed to bring him lunch anymore.

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Lead animator: Did you know Thomas Edison’s last creation was a wax phonograph cylinder rendered from his own fat?

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Secretary: Line 1 is Donna with the Bank of Sea Court.

212 West First Street
Portales, New Mexico

Male coworker: It's one o'clock already? Man, this day is flying by so fast!
Female coworker: It's dragging for me.
Male coworker: Last time I looked at the clock it was only 11 am. Man, where did the time go?
Female coworker: That's because you're old and you keep falling asleep and waking up an hour later!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Overheard by: Janet

New guy: What is everyone having to drink?
Older employee, trying to sound sophisticated: I think I'm going to go with a red wine. I heard the Merlot was good. I consider myself somewhat of a connoissaurus.

Office Retreat
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Overheard by: I didn't hire her.