Sales guy to coworker: Why did anyone vote for Obama? Because he's a good oracle? Big deal if he speaks good…

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Suit to other: I just don't understand why the minority whip is never a minority.

Denver, Colorado

Employee to another: We've got to take down this Palin display. It's upsetting the customers.

Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: erica

Boss, walking over to two female employees reading The Financial Times: Is that paper pink? What paper is that?
Underling: It's special. Just for girls.
Boss, cautiously: Oh, okay. Carry on.

San Francisco, California

Office man: Obama even went down there to convince them that Chicago was the place for the 2016 Olympics.
Office lady: The International Olympic Committee just blasted their load in Obama's face, and I love it!

Baltimore, Maryland

New girl, during one of her constant personal calls: Don't you find it insulting to be a Democrat?

Charlotte, North Carolina

Overheard by: Karen

Coworker, waving arms in the air frantically: Ahhh! The kindergarteners are rioting!

Orem, Utah

Overheard by: Do what?

Sales guy #1: I’m worried about the primaries. I mean, if Obama runs, I would vote for him over the Republicans.
Sales guy #2: Sure.
Sales guy #1: If Hillary runs, I would vote for Satan over her.

Bonner Springs, Kansas

Coworker: My aunt refuses to get on a ferry. So I asked her why, and she said it's because they always sink. And I said, “When do you ever hear about ferries sinking?” and she said, “The ones coming up from Cuba! They sink all the time!”

Navy Yard
Washington, DC

VP to manager: I mean, Barack Obama…he's much more purple than even black.

Franklin, Tennessee

Overheard by: Morgan