Receptionist on phone: Mom, there are no pictures of them in the paper. I don’t want to live in a decapitated house!

Lincoln Highway
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Assistant Girl

Guy in next cube: In my opinion, a chimney is no place to raise a family.


Overheard by: ReRo

Purchasing: Hey, can we print from Word?
Marketing: Ah…What?

2801 Red Lion Road
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Secretary #1: Everything tomorrow is going to be great but it won’t be good coming in, especially if someone spills their load all over.
Secretary #2: Yeah really, that only causes more problems.

75 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, Pennsylvania

Boss: Is that Amazon?
Office manager, answering phone: No, it was recording.
Boss, interrupting again: Was it Amazon?
Office manger: No, it was a recording.
Boss: You sure?
Office manger: Yes. It was silent and beeped and started the recording.
Boss: I thought it was Amazon. [Phone rings again] Is that Amazon?
Office manger: Yes, I’m on hold.
Boss: Maybe you should talk to them.

Center City
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Crazy coworker, on saving money: You can live without toilet paper, because you could just use Kleenex instead, but you can’t live without steak!

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Only female worker in office, to five males: Speaking of Hummers…
(everyone stops working and looks up)
Technician: You have our attention.

Malvern, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Were we?

Supervisor: Girl, you better give me back those files or I’ll take you outside. Like that girl in that movie.

County Courthouse
Norristown, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Lan

Customer: Hello, Phyllis, how are you today?
Worker: I’m not Phyllis, I’m Kay.
Customer: Your name tag says Phyllis.
Worker: No, it doesn’t. It says Kay, see? P‑H‐Y… oops!… wrong name tag.

Westmoreland Mall
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

Trim female coworker: How was your weekend?
Overweight female coworker: It was okay… Ooh! I thought of you yesterday. I was taking a bath…

Broad Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania