Boss to employee: I mean, it's not rocket scientists.

Springfield, Missouri

Secretary to another, talking about movie: I know, I am soooo into antimatter!

Austin, Texas

Girl at desk: My friend told me about how they paid two grand to freeze the stem cells from her son’s umbilical cord so it could save his life or something later.
Guy at desk: Why don’t they just have him drink the fluid out of the umbilical cord?
Male coworker: Orrr they could just put the stuff in the freezer.

3111 S. Range Line Road
Joplin, Missouri

Professor: What's the big deal? I don't understand what I did wrong here.
Angry grad student: You put information in that grant that is absolutely wrong! You totally misconstrued the results!
Professor: Well…fine, but I said it was “early preliminary data,” so it should be okay.

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

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Female grad student: I think I lost the sperm, and I'm not even sure what the sperm looks like.

Carl Icahn Laboratory, Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

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Boss to underling: It's not that Ender's Game is Sci-Fi, it's just set in the future.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Guy in conference room, setting up for presentation: I am mad, just trying to figure out if the scientist part is fair.

St. Louis, Missouri

Instructor: Nine times out of ten, if you shoot at something you're either going to hit it or miss it.

Camp Shelby, Mississippi

Coworker: They've done a complete 360 on this project.


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Coworker: Know what else is farfetched? Hydroelectric power.

Seattle, Washington

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