Nerds and Geeks

30-something IT geek: Don't worry, you can always buy replacement and upgrade parts for your lightsaber!
20-something IT geek: Good! I was worried that I'd need to build a new one.

Dayton, Ohio

Overheard by: Noxi

Programmer: Cause of death… Amazing coding!

University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

Boss to office (about imminent website launch): Five minutes to go live!
Boss to sysadmin: Are you going to do anything?
Sysadmin to boss: I'm diabetic, I need a burrito.
Boss to office: Go live delayed for burrito.

Tucson, Arizona

Systems Engineer: How long will it take for you to implement [the customer]’s changes?
Engineer: About two-three weeks. So four weeks.
Systems Engineer: Good. And how long will it take you to make your changes?
Intern: Well, I already did it, and it took an hour.
Systems Engineer: Okay, I’ll tell them five weeks total.

1440 N. Fiesta Boulevard
Gilbert, Arizona

Geek #1 with barrettes in his hair: Do you have any tape?
Geek #2: I don’t give tape to guys who wear barrettes.
Geek #1: They’re sparkly butterflies.
Geek #2: Whatever. I don’t have any.
Geek #1: Do you have anything that works similar to tape?
Geek #2, rummaging in desk: I have some deodorant… and some mouthwash.

Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts

Coworker #1: I love Ben Franklin!
Coworker #2: Me too. He's my favorite scientist!
Coworker #1: You should have a poster of him, and it could say something like “Monsters of Science.”
Boss: What?
Coworker #2: Oh, Ben Franklin is our favorite scientist.
Boss: Oh, I thought you were talking about some hunk.

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Geek #1 (about female geek): She's pretty cool–I can hang with her.
Geek #2: Yeah, she's kind of cute and has some personality.
Geek #1: I keep trying to get her to give me a hummer…
Geek #2: Well, yeah, same here!
Geek #1: Because she has a collection of toy hummers in her cubicle.
Geek #2: Ah. Nice.

Fort Worth, Texas

Overheard by: Richard

Nerd #1: You need to stop playing that damn game. It's horrible. Look at yourself!
Nerd #2: Look. You can get on me all you want about World of Warcraft, but at least it's not Scientology!
Nerd #1 (looking nonplussed ): You mean to tell me that's your excuse for why World of Warcraft is acceptable!? Are you kidding me?
Nerd #2: Hmmmm, I suck at life.

Orange, California

Nerdy barista #1, excitedly: Yeah, she said she wanted to hang out later!
Nerdy barista #2: Your life is like Tetris; all the pieces are falling into place.

Durham, North Carolina

Overheard by: nes

Idiot employee: No, man! I’m telling you, there were no black people in Star Trek! They weren’t allowed to have jobs back then!

Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida

Overheard by: book browser