Nerds and Geeks

Ubergeek on phone: I am up in Davenport right now, and it's quite clear, and rumor has it Schwarzenegger will be here tomorrow.
Neighbor geek: Stop pretending like you go outside and can enjoy good weather.

Davenport, California

President: This is our IT department. Those people write new programs all day long.
Customer: Oh, so this is the Nerd Center!

1047 17th Avenue
Santa Cruz, California

Female Excel nerd: Time to go make more price lists! Excel is my bitch.
Redheaded dominatrix: And you are mine.

42nd Street
New York City, New York

Customer with CD: Don’t make fun of the Transformers.
Bookseller: I’m not making fun. I had that soundtrack. I lost it in the hurricane.
Customer with CD: Well, you can’t have mine.
Bookseller: I have The Matrix.
Customer with CD: I have the touch.
Passing customer: And I have the power!

Barnes & Noble, Irving Mall
Irving, Texas

Overheard by: shelving drone

Coworker #1: We should start a D&D game.
Coworker #2: Yeah. Let’s ask Ben* if he wants to play, too!
Coworker #1, yelling to Ben: Hey, want to play D&D later?
Ben, yelling back: No! I don’t play D&D!
Coworker #2: We thought you’d be a good Druid.
Ben, yelling back: Fuck that, I’m a thief acrobat!

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Overheard by: Will

Engineer #1: Are we really sure this is the best tool for what we’re doing?
Manager, shrugging: We’re eating our own dog food.
Engineer #2: We are not. It’s more like we’re feeding dog food to our cats.

411 1st Avenue South
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: engineer #3

Colleague #1: Pi is 3.14.
Colleague #2: You gotta be more accurate than that, it's 3.1415926536…
Colleague #1: No, that should be 535. If you're gonna use it as an example of accuracy…
Colleague #3: Maybe it was an example of irony? Ranting about accuracy and getting the 17th decimal place of pi wrong…

High Holborn

Petite art librarian: Penis it is! That's what it is, that's what we're supposed to use, according to the library of congress.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Assistant: I'm going to Starbucks; can I get you anything?
IT tech: What's Starbucks?

Lawrence, Kansas

Overheard by: a girl who HASN'T been living under a rock

Tech guy: It will take Zeus and all his pissed off gods going in and throwing all sorts of thunderbolts to straighten this out.

1 Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas