Nerds and Geeks

Cube dweller: I know he was yelling at me, but he was wearing the same members-only jacket as Rosario from Will and Grace!

523 North Sam Houston Parkway East
Houston, Texas

Overheard by: bemused

Internet hipster: It's a meme of a meme, so it's meta.
Boss: What?!

Fontana, California

IT guy: I've got the 80 gig iPod, the black leather case…
Secretary, interrupting: You know, I have an iPod, but I've never been able to get it to work.
IT guy, shocked: Ummmm, Sheryl, do you really want to admit that?

48th & Main
Kansas City, Missouri

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Boss: You know, there is nothing funnier than geeks eating ice cream.

3175 NW Aloclek Drive
Hillsboro, Oregon

Cashier: Okay, so can I get your address so we can ship the unit to you? [Old lady gives the cashier her address.] And you, sir? What’s yours?
40-year-old son wearing a ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirt: It’s the same as my mom’s.


Overheard by: SK

Guy, coming out of the men’s room: Wait. Someone actually stole the posters… from around the urinal?
Comic book guy: Don’t ask me to explain it.
Guy: Were they unfamiliar with the concept of nerd hygiene?

New York City, New York

IT minion, about boss: He started talking to me about Star Trek. I don't know why he thought I'd want to talk about that. I was wearing my Star Wars shirt. I mean, different universe!

Boston, Massachusetts

Man: Answer me this — just what the fuck does Chewbacca know about Tarzan, anyway?

San Francisco, California

Overheard by: pleasekillme

Drone #1: I wonder how many modifications it would take to convert an old Beetle to Darth Vader’s helmet?
Drone #2: Probably not too many.

Metro Park
Alexandria, Virginia

Overheard by: I want one.

Office guy #1: Dude, you’re making me nervous with that letter opener.
Office guy #2: Why’s that?
Office guy #1: Because you look like you played too much Dungeons & Dragons back in the day.

18 Adam & Eve Mews
London, England