Financial Folk

Employee: Did you see the Accounting Department? They are all dressed up like the Village People… or the Seven Dwarfs — I’m not sure.

100 Mountain Road
Framingham, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Snow Whitefish

Accountant: So it's an EFT, whatever that stands for.
CSR: “Electronic funds transfer.” Wait… Aren't you an accountant!?


Assistant: I submitted this check request a month ago, can you tell me why it hasn’t been paid yet?
Accountant: Oh, you wanted it paid?

40 W. 20th Street
New York, NY

Overheard by: Faith Black

Finance: There must be something in between “tax accountant” and
“undercover narc.”

156 W. 56th Street
New York, NY

Customer: What's going on? Why are there a bunch of cop cars outside?
Bank teller: I don't know. (looks at other tellers) Are ya'll getting robbed?

Kleberg Street
Kingsville, Texas

Black FedEx guy: You married yet?
White banker guy: Haven't met the right girl yet.
Black FedEx guy: There are no white girls!
Banker guy: No right girl.
Black FedEx guy: There are no right girls either. You just got to pick one and marry them and have some kids, that's what I did.

New York City, New York

Overheard by: CDog

Financial specialist, in front of his pregnant wife/coworker: God, I would nail someone if they had some bacon right now!
Wife/coworker: What the hell is wrong with you?

Dallas, Texas

Overheard by: God Help Me

Mortgage rep: And, finally, may I ask you what race you are? Caucasian, African-American…
Customer: I’m Canadian.

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Broker on phone: Blame it on greed…Uh huh…No, I’m saying that greed is a well-known, widely accepted motivator, so just say it was greed. They’ll understand.

10960 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California

Overheard by: Eavesdropper

Finance clerk: I couldn't get it up!

Reston, Virginia

Overheard by: Receptionitis