Hotel guest: I started taking that Trimspa about a month ago. I haven’t lost any weight, but my chest is huge!

State and Division Street
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Sara G

Cube monkey: My brain is unlike that of any mortal! It consists of witchcraft, spells, and ideas for pastries that the world has yet to see!

1750 East Golf Road
Schaumburg, Illinois

Overheard by: Emily

At the end of Take Your Kids to Work Day…

Bruno*: Everything is askew! Where’s my weedbag? I’ve got some quarters missing. Damn thieving kids.

222 North Lasalle
Chicago, Illinois

Fat nurse: I’m real excited! I’m going to the Mexican Riviera next month.
Lanky nurse: Uh, isn’t it called the French Riviera?
Fat nurse: No, I think it’s Mexican, but you could be right — that sounds familiar.
Lanky nurse: I’ve always wanted to see the French Riviera.
Fat nurse: Yeah, me too. I can’t wait.

1st Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: dr mike

CEO: So, how long will it take you to set that up?
System admin: Um…two minutes?
CEO: Five. You've got five. See, I doubled-and-a-halved it for you!
System admin, developer, designer: What?

State & Water
Peoria, Illinois

Overheard by: only girl in an office of men…

Postal worker #1: It's supposed to storm…
Postal worker #2: Yes, at six.
Postal worker #1: But not till after six, right?
Postal worker #2: The storm is scheduled for 6:05.

Post Office
Franklin Park, Illinois

Office worker: I can’t get into MAS. My codes aren’t working.
Tech, after trying to enter codes: What the fuck? Now the numbers aren’t even coming up.
Office worker, five minutes later: Uh, dude, you’re using my calculator.
Tech: Son of a bitch!


Overheard by: G$

Female architect to male engineer: I don't care about the size of your beam, it's not going to fit in this space I have!

Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Office temp

Coworker #1: Have you ever seen “The Hills Have Eyes”?
Coworker #2: Nah, I don’t like horror movies about mutants.
Coworker #1: They’re not mutants. Okay, they like live in this town where the government did like nuclear testing and it…
Coworker #2: Turned them into mutants.
Coworker #1: Well I guess… Based on how you define mutant.
Coworker #2: Someone who is changed or ‘mutated’ by radioactive material… Mutant.
Coworker #1: Yeah? well they all lived in this town where they were doing testing.
Coworker #3: Oh yeah. I saw that one. It gets into the water supply and there’s like a big lawsuit!
Coworker #2: No dude, that’s “Erin Brockovich”
Coworker #3: Oh. Yeah.

E Golf Rd
Schaumburg, Illinois

Overheard by: Emily

Boss’s 80-year-old dad: I don’t think I am going to keep my realtor’s license.
Boss’s 80-year-old mom: Okay… Then what are you going to do?
Boss’s 80-year-old dad: I’ll become a sex therapist!

126 York Street
Elmhurst, Illinois

Overheard by: Joanie