Manager: Can you spell my email address?
IT guy: It’s your name!
Manager: I know, but could you spell it for me?

1979 Marcus Avenue
Lake Success, New York

Overheard by: Why am I the temp again?!?

Cubicle #1: Since I have to travel through Virginia next week, I’m going to take Amy*’s suggestion and get a mega millions ticket. The powerball isn’t working out so well for me.
Cubicle #2: My husband laughs at me because I want to keep working if I win the lottery.
Cubicle #3: What!?
Cubicle #2: Yeah, I want to keep working.
Cubicle #3: Well…
Cubicle #1 & #3, in unison: I wouldn’t work here.

England Street
Charlotte, North Carolina

Tech guy: Did you hear about all the snow in New York?
Help desk chick: Yeah, wow! That means it’ll be heading here to California.
Tech guy: (silence).

Imperial Highway Brea

Cube rat #1: Hey Chris, go install this on Ben's computer.
Cube rat #2: (lets out audible fart)
Cube rat #1: Never mind.
Cube rat #2: Hey, I'm only getting two bars for my laptop's Wi-Fi connection.
Cube rat #3: It's because that damn fart cloud is out blocking the signal!

Columbia, South Carolina

Overheard by: Cube Rat Holding Nose

Loud American coworker in next cubicle: Are you a mammal?

University Research Centre

(sound of whip cracking)
Next cubicle coworker: Ahh, my eye!

Mission Street
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: Ian

Vietnamese coworker using cardboard to fix cubicle, happily: It's like being in refugee camp all over again.

Austin, Texas

Cube dweller: I know he was yelling at me, but he was wearing the same members-only jacket as Rosario from Will and Grace!

523 North Sam Houston Parkway East
Houston, Texas

Overheard by: bemused

Cube dweller #1: There's one bagel left.
Cube dweller #2: I think that's the one that was on the floor.
Cube dweller #3: No, I ate that one.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Guy a few cubicles down: No mom, I'm not looking at porn.

Los Angeles, California