Body Parts

Animal-savvy office girl: Kangaroos are really mean.
Ordinary office girl, thoughtfully: I would be too, if someone was like hopping in and out of my stomach all day long.


Asian coworker, looking up abruptly: You know that smell that you get in your nose when you're done smelling something? I smell meatballs.

St. Cloud, Minnesota

Staffer #1: Well, thanks, everyone, for not telling me my fly was open.
Staffer #2: Your fly was open?
Staff #1: Yes. I just now looked down, and there it was, wide open! You didn’t notice?
Staffer #2: Well, I don’t spend a large portion of the day staring at your crotch.
Staffer #3: Yeah, I only do it during our morning update meetings.

10 Medical Center Boulevard
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Unseen man in cubicle: I'm not touching it. I'm just mooshing it!

W 46th St
New York City, New York

Visiting sales rep: Wow, that aquarium is really cool! Is it a lot of work?
Desk owner: Thanks. It’s not too hard once it’s set up for a while.
Visiting sales rep: I’ve never seen one with all those things with testicles in it before.
Desk owner: [Silence until sales rep obliviously boards elevator.]

75 Battery Street
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: We didn’t buy her product.

Coworker: Hey, I have a question.
Female coworker: Hold on a sec, I'm trimming my balls.

Fort Worth, Texas

Overheard by: Sarah

Receptionist, puzzled: This is really dry. I guess all the juice is in my box.

St. Louis, Missouri

Overheard by: Ian

Blonde female manager, about dried hydrangeas: I wish I had nice ones like that. I'm still so mad that my husband trimmed my bush!

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Office girl: I gotta call Peter to tell him he forgot his balls.

Inkster, Michigan

Overheard by: Don't wanna see 'em

Intern #1: Ew, skin falls off!
Intern #2: Leprosy's no joke, you guys.

Fashion Magazine
Manhattan, New York