Blue Collar

Radio: ‘So if your life has been touched by alcohol or substance abuse…’
Construction guy: That’s me!

125th Street and Lenox Avenue
New York, New York

FedEx Driver: Gs prices are so expensive I am thinking about delivering packages on a bike.
Warehouse employee: You and your people should be used to that.

4000 Coolidge Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland

Coworker: Wait…John Ratzenberger?

430 Main Avenue
Norwalk, Connecticut

Maintenance guy: They shoulda had a Puerto Rican pope. Barbecue every weekend!

335 East 45th Street
New York, NY

Overheard by: Palaverist

Head maintenance guy: I tend to break stuff before I fix it. Then I fix it.

Malvern, Pennsylvania

Overheard by: Wish I had that kind of job security…

Barista: Would you like this brownie heated up?
Brownie man: I like my brownies like I like my women.
Barista: Dark and covered in chocolate?

Coffee shop
Cincinnati, Ohio

Overheard by: agrees with him

Maintenance dude: Is it okay if I borrow your post trolley for a second?
Cubicle girl: Sure, if you don't mind how gay it is.


Maintenance grunt: I can't take you seriously with that hat.
Maintenance monkey: This hat? This hat's the shit, man. It was my grandma's.

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Peon #1: Alison just asked me how we get a washing-up brush for the kitchen.
Peon #2: I have put a request through CAFM, so hopefully they will order one for us.
Peon #1: Can you order a little holder for it, too?
Peon #2: Hmmmm, I will put a request in and see what facilities say.
Peon #1: Thanks!
Peon #2: Sorry, but what will the brush be used for?


Maintenance man to another: Seems like you're always on your knees.

Arizona State University

Overheard by: Erin

Mail guy: Damn, you really want to get out of here.
Lawyer: Yes, like a bat out of hell.
Mail guy: Those are my sediments exactly.

212 Washington Street
Newark, New Jersey

Overheard by: Elaine Van DeLay