Customer: I don’t understand why you can’t keep up with production.
Program manager: You aren’t following the rules. You are running twice the daily quoted volumes.
Customer: But we are still under the yearly volumes. You just need to plan better.
Program manager: I can’t just shit capacity out of my ass!

5540 Parque Industrial
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Male engineer #1 (cleaning a drawer): Oh, look! Temporary tattoos. Here, you can have them.
(male engineer #2 takes them and looks them over)
Male engineer #3: You can put them in your manly chest.
Male engineer #2 (excitedly): Ooh, a bunny!

Matamoros, Mexico

Overheard by: Female Engineering Intern (snickering)

Woman on phone: You need to have someone come by and fix the fan in the men’s restroom. If that thing is not working, we are dead, baby!

Kirtland Air Force Base
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Woman: I was talking to God the other day, and he told me he’s coming soon, you know?
Man: Well, if he doesn’t show up in half an hour I’m leaving.

Mexico City International Airport

Overheard by: Trece

Passenger: Is this flight going to be full?
CSR #1: Yes, we expect a full flight today, sir.
Passenger: Why is that?
CSR #1: Um… well, I guess a lot of people made reservations, sir.
Passenger: Uh…No, I mean, it’s Tuesday. People don’t fly on Tuesdays.
CSR # 2, whispering to coworker: Wow! A talking dog!

Avenida Tael S/N, MEX (Mexico City International Airport)

Overheard by: Trece

Boss: Did you pick up [Bruce]?
Owner: Yes, I picked him up.
[Bruce]: Do you think it’s a sign to go home when you run out of gas in your car at a gas station who runs out of gas?

101 East Main Street
Farmington, New Mexico

Lazy-ass secretary to super lazy-ass secretary: So, we were making love and right there, my period started. He said: “I don't mind, I like it when you bleed.”

Mexico City

Coworker #1: Why are those notebooks so expensive?
Coworker #2: (awkward silence)
Coworker #1: Oh, are they laptops?


Woman: Can you tell me what's the temperature in Frankfurt?
Check-in agent: Fahrenheit?
Woman: No, Frankfurt.

International Airport
Mexico City

Overheard by: Trece