IT chick: Okay, okay, slow down… Your mouse isn’t working? [Pause] Ma’am… Ma’am, pick it up off the floor.

Internet domain registrar company
Scottsdale, Arizona

CSR on phone: Help desk, this is James*.
[pause] CSR: I am sorry, this is the PC and phone help desk. Sounds like you need the facilities help desk if a toilet is stopped up.
[pause] CSR: Okay sir, I understand, but you need facilites, not the help desk.
[long pause] CSR: Okay, is it a Windows toilet or a Unix toilet?
Customer, now on speakerphone: Well, there are no windows in this bathroom, so I guess it must be a Unix toilet.
CSR: Okay, I will get a Unix toilet specialist there as soon as we can. Which building and bathroom is it?
[pause] CSR: Thanks.
[CSR hangs up] CSR back on phone: Hello, facilities? This is James at the PC help desk. Yeah, I have a doozy for you…try not to laugh…

730 International Parkway
Richardson, Texas

Overheard by: El Gee

Customer: Is Office 2003 the latest version of Office that’s out?
Salesperson: Yeah, they most likely won’t come out with a new version until Vista is released, which should be about the end of the year.
Customer: What’s that?
Salesperson: Vista?
Customer: Yeah, Rista? What is that? Is that the new Office?
Salesperson: No, Vista is the new operating system that’s coming out. Last I heard Microsoft was planning to release it near the end of this year.
Customer: Microsoft’s going to sell computers now?
Salesperson: No, Vista is the operating system that gets installed on computers. It’s what makes your computer run.
Customer: Oh, yeah, I knew that already. Are you going to be carrying Microsoft’s new computers?

Willard Building
State College, Pennsylvania

Art director: Don’t you have to be educated to do your job?
IT guy: Nope.

11 E 26th Street
New York, New York

Overheard by: Jeremy

IT: That’s “Venus”, our main file server.
Architect: Why is it called “Venus”?
IT: Becuase it’s a big black bad-ass server.

603 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia

Overheard by: Charles Warren

Grad student: You know those pencil sharpeners you had in elementary school? Well, the same thing happens with the electrical concept. And I didn't know.

Lafayette, Indiana

Overheard by: Rachel S.

Technician: Enter the password the Linksys tech gave you.
Customer: He told me to enter whatever I wanted for the password.
Technician: You don't just make up your own passwords. I don't know what that tech was smoking!


Telecom guy: Hi, I’m here to fix [Barry]’s phone
[Larry]: It’s [Larry], actually.
Telecom guy: Whatever.

International Broadcast Center
via Nizza
Torino, Italy

Overheard by: jk

Test coordinator: You accidentally assigned the defect to the wrong application.
Tester: Okay, I’ll fix that. Sorry for the incontinence.

1111 Polaris Parkway
Columbus, Ohio

Software developer, after running a successful test: Boo-yah! I’m not dumb! I may not know what 12 minus 5 is, but I’m not dumb! Who cares if I can’t add?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania