5PM That’s a Wrap

Coworker #1: Hey, is this your Eagles CD.
Coworker #2: Yeah, that’s mine.
Coworker #3: Bullshit, you don’t even know who the fucking eagles are, douchebag.
Coworker #2: It’s my fucking CD, I’ve had since highschool.
Coworker #3: Yeah right, somebody left that on your desk — there’s no way that’s yours.
Coworker #2: Bullshit, this is mine.
Coworker #3: Alright, if it’s yours name one fucking song by the Eagles, one song!
Coworker #2: Man, I don’t know the names of songs, I just know the music.
Coworker #3: Wow, you’re fucking ridiculous!
Coworker #2: Okay, okay, well they did “Welcome to the Jungle.”

714 4th Street
Corvallis, Oregon

Overheard by: Ryan P