CSR: May I have your name, please?
Customer: It's “Kathy.”
CSR: Just to verify, that's “k” for Kansas, “a” for apple, “t” for Tom, “h” for Harry, and “y” for, ummm…uhh…Wyoming?
Customer: Correct.

Quezon City

Hot lady staring at coworker's wet pants: Did you just piss on your pants?
Male coworker: No, that's semen.


Overheard by: mito

Office girl, popping head into cubicle: Hi Jane*!
Jane: Ahhhhhhh! (frightened, ear-piercing scream that goes on for 20 seconds)
Office girl: Sh! Shh! It's me!
Jane: (carries on screaming)

Ad Agency

Overheard by: eM

(at a three day workshop)
Suit #1: I don’t think I can sit through another afternoon of this.
Suit #2: It’s not as bad as yesterday. I’m finding it quite interesting.
Suit #1: That’s what you call Stockholm Syndrome, when you start to love your kidnapper.


Coworker #1 (talking about the newly designed official computer desktop wallpapers): I don’t like the word “zero” in the wallpaper. It’s like such a negative number!
Coworker #2: It’s not negative if it’s used in a positive way.

Shubhada Building

Overheard by: M

Tech support: May I have your name, ma’am?
Customer: Erin Quincey*.
Tech support: And how do you spell that?
Customer: Q, as in ‘cute’…

6615 Ayala Avenue
Makati City

Accountant: The boss is charging all his personal expenses to the firm. We'll have to use a little creative camouflaging to make them look like office expenses.
Trainee: How do we show his father's funeral coffin?
Accountant: Packaging & forwarding?

Garden Square

Overheard by: Paige Turner

Office peon #1: He has a tendency not to sleep when he's at work.
Office peon #2: That's good, that's good. Should we invite him for tonight?
Office peon #1: Nah.


Overheard by: Kaye

Dude #1, at urinal: Shouldn’t we have two different organs for peeing and reproducing?
Dude #2: Submit a design change request to god.


Consultant: I know the solution to this problem…only it won’t work.

IBM Golden Towers
Bangalore, India