Female client on exercise bike: It's squeaking somewhere.
Maintenance man on his knees before her and bike: I've lubed every part I can find!

Searcy, Arkansas

Employee #1: Otis Redding.
Employee #2: Otis Redding? Who's that?
Employee #3: Isnt' that the guy from Andy Griffith? The drunk guy?
Employee #1: No. Otis Redding sang that “Dock of the Bay” song. His dad shot and killed him.
Employee #2: No. That's Marvin Gaye.
Employee #1: Marvin Gaye? Who's that?

Van Buren, Arkansas

Female boss at IT meeting: What were you doing at lunch that made you so sweaty?
Male developer #1: Just washing my wife's car.
Male developer #2: So, did you have a good time “washing your wife's car?”
(everyone laughs)
Female boss: You can wash my car anytime you want.
Male developer #1: Uh… okay.
Female boss: What?

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Girl #1, looking at wedding pictures: Is that the girl that got married? (points at girl in wedding dress and veil)
Girl #2: Did you seriously just ask that?

Little Rock, Arkansas

Attorney: Don't make any appointments for me this weekend, I'm going to a rodeo.
Minion: Are you in it?
Attorney: Yeah.
Minion: I didn't know you rode.
Attorney: Well, if you put enough hardware on it you can ride anything.
Minion: (laughing)
Attorney: I meant the horse.
Minion: (laughing uncontrollably)
Attorney: Get out of my office!

Little Rock, Arkansas

Overheard by: Does it come with instructions?

Female co-worker on the phone: When is your wife going out of town? We need to get together.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Overheard by: D

Female finance analyst: … And it’s all about titties and beer. [In squeaky little voice] Titties! Titties! Titties!

700 West Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, Arkansas

Supervisor: Did you happen to locate that file while I was away this week?
Employee: No. I’m not comfortable rooting through your drawers. I feel like I am up to something.
Supervisor: Uhhh…

100 Cushman Street
Fairbanks, Arkansas

Overheard by: quiet one

Man #1: Yeah, sometimes things are just different.
Man #2: Yeah, sometimes I get rug burn on my love handles.

Home office
Bentonville, Arkansas

Overheard by: SamsGuy

White coworker: We should go on the walking trail after work sometime.
Asian coworker: Yeah, that sounds like fun!
White coworker: I would feel safer with you because no one would attack us because they would think you know kung-fu.
Asian coworker: [Silence.]

Fayetteville, Arkansas