Blonde in scrubs: When people around me are sick and won’t stay home I’m not coming to work.
Redhead in scrub: You are a nurse.
Blonde in scrubs: I hate having sick people around me.
Redhead in scrubs: You are a nurse.
Blonde in scrubs: If a person is sick they should stay at home.
Redhead in scrubs: This is a hospital.

1100 Marshall Street
Little Rock, Arkansas

Lady: Does your massage therapist work through knots well?
Guy: Yeah, and she even has this jackhammer apparatus to do your butt with.

400 West Capitol
Little Rock, Arkansas

Overheard by: Sounds Scary!

Blond barmaid: What’s in a whiskey and coke?

Pesto Café
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Overheard by: retired from the service industry

Engineer #1: If you flush the toilet, you lose water pressure?! So it’s like, “Sorry, the dishwasher is running. We have no fire protection.”


Engineer #2: Who flushes the toilet if their house is on fire?

700 West Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, Arkansas

Tornado siren sounds for weekly testing.

Co-Worker #1: Stop, drop, and roll?
Co-Worker #2: Uh, no, that’s for a fire. That’s the bend over and kiss your ass goodbye siren.

301 Industrial Boulevard
Conway, Arkansas

Overheard by: JustDenise