Doctor: The homeless people know what they are doing wearing more than one coat…

Little Rock, Arkansas

Office Manager: How do you spell “Useta”?
Co-worker: Use it in a sentence.
Office Manager: I “useta” drink Cokes; now I only drink water.
Co-worker: That is an Arkansas word.

1700 Westpark Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas

Coworker, after boss made big volunteerism speech: I don’t want to do anything where there’s the possibility of seeing something gross.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Overheard by: that’s the spirit

Blonde: Mmm… It smells so good in here. Doesn’t it smell good in here? I love it! I just want to eat what’s in my nose right now!
Friend: I know!


Accounting guy #1: Every big company is tired of printing paychecks.
Accounting guy #2: Tired of spending all that money.
Accounting guy #1: Tired of every 13 year old in the country being able to print those checks.

1600 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, Arkansas

Art teacher, looking at another eating Pringles: Pringles are the perfect chip, based on the texture, shape, and lines. They fit perfectly in your mouth.
History teacher: I don't know. If you asked me, I'd just prefer a Lay.

Teacher's Lounge
Marvell, Arkansas

Overheard by: They Let Me Teach Children

Woman #1: Hi! You must be new here. What’s your name?
Woman #2: Anna*
Woman #1: Anna, when did you start?
Anna: Five years ago.

700 West Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, Arkansas

Boss: So, tell me about this guy we are doing business with today.
Assistant: Well, he is like [Adam], but with a bath and good shave.
Boss: Okay, good to know.

900 S. Shackleford Road
Little Rock, Arkansas

Branch manager: I really wish we had a color printer up here!
Personal banker: Well, you know what? We don't! So why don't you take out the trash!

Conway, Arkansas

Overheard by: Brynn

Manager: Would you like to buy a Lab?
Subordinate: Like, a meth lab?
Manager: Umm, no. Like, a dog.

Little Rock, Arkansas