Design and Editorial

Engineer #1: A charred, dark husk of evil smoldering into infinity would be cool.
Engineer #2: I’d prefer the Dyson Sphere. Though I personally find Niven ringworlds much more aesthetically pleasing.
Engineer #1: But a husk!
Engineer #2: A Dyson sphere could be kind of a husk.
Engineer #1: Come on! Spooky husk!
Engineer #2: No! No spooky husk!
Engineer #1: Aww.
Engineer #2: …We can make the Dyson Sphere kind of spooky if you insist.

401 Elliott Avenue W
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: Bjorn Townsend

Writer to editor: I was having a staring contest with you a little while ago, but you weren’t paying attention so I won.

Broad Street
Augusta, Georgia

Designer to photo researcher: Try to find a nice child abuse shot.

10801 N. MoPac Expressway
Austin, Texas

Overheard by: always listening

Employee: Well, did we decide against boobs?

163 Freelon Street
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: Eve S. Dropper

Female designer #1: Did she have natural birth or were they cut out?
Female designer #2: They say that after you have the first, the rest just slide out.

New York City, New York

Female designer: I’ve been yoinked a lot today.

Orlando, Florida

Overheard by: Meg

Copywriter: I haven’t seen Mallrats.
Designer: What?!
Copywriter: Or The Goonies.
Designer: Have you seen any movie?
Copywriter: Those are the only two I haven’t seen.

Plum Street, Cincinnati

Overheard by: Erica

Female worker #1: You couldn’t tell how big it was?
Female worker #2: Well, I hadn’t touched it before then.

The Daily Reflector
Greenville, North Carolina

Photo assistant: Eeewwww! I can’t believe you put that in your mouth!

Culver City, California

Overheard by: LaLa Land

Editor #1: Is it fiction?
Editor #2: Yeah, it’s an adult book. I mean, regular fiction, not young adult. That always sounds so weird, adult book.
Editor #1, laughing: I know!
Editor #2: Like it was a little book that grew up!
Editor #1: … Yeah. Like that.

Murray Hill
New York City, New York

Overheard by: Rose Fox