Geeky cashier: How are you pay'n for this?
Guy in a hurry: Cash.
Geeky cashier: Like cash, cash?
Guy in a hurry: What?

Best Buy
Ontario, Canadia

Designer to sales rep, about ad consultation: Do you want to do it with me right now?
Sales rep: You can do me right now? I'll just go downstairs and get my stuff.
Designer: The room is free, so we'll have no problem getting it in.


Overheard by: m00nwater

Office grunt #1: Hey! So, you’re back in the office, eh? Where were you last week?
Office grunt #2: Oh, I was in Guatemala.
Office grunt #1: Really? In Europe?
Office grunt #2: No.

Ottawa, Ontario

Overheard by: Anonymous

Office Assistant: If I go back to the phone without an answer this guy is going to eat me out.
Manager: I think you mean chew you out.

1125 Colonel Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Overheard by: WOW @ CU

Staff: You have a second?
IT: Nope, completely out of stock on those.

200 Front Street W
Toronto, Ontario

Admin #1: Do you know how to spell Kazakhstan?
Admin #2: I didn’t even know it existed.

79 Wellington Street W
Toronto, Ontario

(cell phone rings, CEO at urinal answers)
CEO: Hello? Yeah, hi. I'll be….
(another toilet flushes very loudly)
CEO: Guess where I am?

New Westminster, BC

Overheard by: Knows the etiquette

CEO: It’s like the dog and the tail. The tail is the reward and happiness. The dog is how you get there, the hard work.

460 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Ontario

Girl #1: And then it said “list any nicknames,” and that's where I stopped. I mean, I only have the one. You know, the one that begins with “h.”
Girl #2: (mumbles)
Girl #1: Well, yeah, a silent “w.”


Clued-out senior manager on phone with lawyer: I just want a translation of the document. It's written all in French. I'm from Ontario, we don't speak the language here. (pause) Well, I just want the gist of the document. I think he's suing us for defamation of character. (pause) The guy's a jerk.


Overheard by: Cue