Peon #1: Jimmmy, you got a haircut. Very aerodynamic.
Peon #2: I sure did. All the better for walking quickly down the hallway!


Overheard by: JWa

Meeting chairperson: Alright, that’s about all for this Monday’s meeting. Now, is anyone going to be away on vacation at all this week?
Suit #1: I’ll be taking next Monday off. We’re heading up to the cottage for the weekend.
Suit #2: Umm, I will be sick on Friday so I won’t be in.

Meadowvale Business Park
Mississauga, Ontario

Agitated man on phone: Put him in the truck, put him in the truck! Just put him in the truck and drive somewhere!


Deli girl: Have you ever seen a beautiful penis? I appreciate what they do, but I don't like to look at them.
Seafood woman: I've seen a beautiful one, but I'm biased, cuz I helped design it.
Deli girl: Um?
Seafood woman: You know, with the piercings, the Prince Albert and the rings. It's pretty.


Female coworker: I like to think that my coworkers don't have genitals.


Overheard by: TCon

Office girl #1: But I thought he was, like, Mexican or Brazilian or something.
Office girl #2: No, he’s Filipino.
Office girl #1: Oh, so, like… Um…
Office girl #2: It’s like half-Mexican, half-Chinese.
Office girl #1: But he’s gay, right?
Office girl #2: Definitely — all gay.
Office girl #1: He’s from Gay Land!

Ad agency
Toronto, Ontario

Overheard by: Half-Offended-Half-Laughing

Woman in cubicle on call with overseas agent: Oh, hello… were you in Slumdog Millionaire?
Confused customer service agent: What?


Overheard by: poking my eyes out with my pen

Suit #1: I’m going to need that project done for Monday. Can you get on that right now?
Suit #2: It’s Friday, and I have beer to drink. It’s really going to have to wait.

4881 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario

Peon on phone, about his son: … So I bought him condoms… Yes, Mom, I know he’s 15, but I was having sex at 15…

Toronto, Ontario

Overheard by: amused and disgusted all at once

Older coworker: My father worked the poles for 45 years.
(blank stares from everyone else)
Older coworker: What? He'd climb the poles all day, and he'd still be doing it now if Bell hadn't offered a real good retirement deal.
Younger coworker: Wait, do you mean by Bell the telephone company?
Older coworker: Yeah, he was a line repairman.
Younger coworker, realizing: Ohhh.
Older coworker: Why are you acting so surprised, what else would I mean?


Overheard by: Next Room Over