Staff: You have a second?
IT: Nope, completely out of stock on those.

200 Front Street W
Toronto, Ontario

Female coworker #1: I've worked here six years and don't really know you that well yet.
Female coworker #2: Ya know, I was the first one hired from off the street…
Cubicle dweller, mumbling under breath: That explains a lot!

Law Office
Tampa, Florida

Overheard by: Blonde at Heart

Guy: That person I just talked to was so nice. He sounded so relaxed, and people from New York never sound like that.
Woman: He’s in Miami.

228 East 45th Street
New York, NY

Supervisor: I didn’t just say that to him because he’s gay, I would’ve said the same thing to you.
Worker: Oh yeah? How do you know I’m not gay?
Supervisor: I don’t. Are you?
Worker: Yes.
Supervisor: Okay then, have a nice day…

716 West Genesee Street
Syracuse, New York

Secretary: You can’t do that!
VP: I’m like Bush. I answer to God.
Secretary: You answer to me!
VP: Isn’t that what I just said?

10559 Citation Drive
Brighton, Michigan

Overheard by: Abigail Fisher

Supervisor: Okay, let me give you some advice. I’ve seen a lot of Lifetime movies, and–
Employee: You know, I think I gotta ask someone else about this. Thanks, though!

107 Jackson Street
Berea, Kentucky

Lady #1: I’m saving myself for Mozart.
Lady #2: That’s going to be quite a wait, honey.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Overheard by: Sarah

HR Guru: The only person you can change is yourself–
Infidel: I keep trying that, but she’s still being a bitch!

2025 E St, NW
Washington, DC

Overheard by: Bendystraw

Admin: Can I go home after we’ve finished this bit? I don’t usually work long Fridays.
Boss: I’ve got two nephews to buy presents for and then decide what to wear for a pimps and hos party after this, and you think you’ve got problems?

Brighton, United Kingdom

Employee #1: Look at all that food you have there.
Employee #2: It’s going to give me a heart attack, but I love it; especially all the greasy bacon and sausage.
Employee #3: I wish I knew someone who knows CPR in case you have a coronary.
Employee #2: [Sean] and [Gina] are medics, they should know CPR.
Employee #1: What do they know about CPR? They are ambulance drivers.

2727 Walker Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, Michigan