Boss to secretary: Where is Linda*? Call her, I need to evaluate her, but…
Secretary: That makes me nervous…

Sylvania, Ohio

Overheard by: jullylully

Young mother pushing baby carriage to old woman holding door for her: Oh, thanks. I think about how hard it must be for people in wheelchairs, but I think this is worse, because I always have so much to carry.

Kent, Ohio

Overheard by: elizabetz

Boss: You like that little tool, don't you?
Worker: The keyboard? Yeah, it's great.

Uniontown, Ohio

Boss: You shouldn’t keep your desk so clean.
Analyst: You want me to make a mess on my desk before I leave every night?
Boss: It’s a perception thing.

1 American Road
Cleveland, Ohio

Worker #1: Did you see the sign on the copier?
Worker #2: No, what did it say?
Worker #1: “Don’t Touch Craig”.

175 South Third Street
Columbus, Ohio

Volunteer #1: Man, Chipotle is so good, man!
Volunteer #2: Yeah, except it makes you have to go to the bathroom because of the hot sauce…
Volunteer #1: I's okay, man, you just take a Game Boy into the bathroom with you. Kills like a half hour.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Admin: We’re going to miss you around here.
Employee: Well, I’d like to say that I’ll miss being around here, but that would be untrue, so I’m not going to say it.

6111 Oak Tree Boulevard
Independence, Ohio

Cube rat #1: Hey, is that light bothering you? It's driving me crazy.
Cube rat #2: No, it's not.
Cube rat #1: Really? I can't stand it.
Cube rat #2: Yeah, I know, that's why I like it.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Greasy suit as his chili is served: … And that’s exactly why I go in to get colonics.

Skyline Chili
Cincinnati, Ohio

Boss: I’ve got part of the Kama Sutra on my wall.
Employee: Do we need to talk to H.R.?

175 South 3rd Street
Columbus, Ohio