Woman: Where is your next conference?
Hairdresser: Boston.
Woman: Oh, I love Boston.
Hairdresser: Yeah, I've never been to the East Coast before. (pauses) Well, no, I guess I have been to Kentucky.

Hays, Kansas

Clueless HR rep: These are all in order, I'm a little anal when it comes to sorting…
Perky HR rep: Thanks. (pause) Yay! I love anal!

Overland Park, Kansas

Boss to IT guy: You have a cat named after the Manhattan Project?

Overland Park, Kansas

Supervisor #1: Hey, want to go to a party? John Phillips* invited me to some KU thing.
Supervisor #2: Who's John Phillips?
Supervisor #1: He's an asshole.

Overland Park, Kansas

Worker leaving office to coworker on phone: Hurry up or I’m going to poke your Pop-Tarts.

5th and Jackson
Topeka, Kansas

Overheard by: D

Saleswoman: There was this guy in high school that had a crush on me, and he just loved peeps. He would molest peeps all day long…

Bonner Springs, Kansas

Cube dweller #1: Do you believe everything people tell you?
Cube dweller #2, pausing: I'm Catholic.

Leavenworth, Kansas

Overheard by: they're becoming self-aware

Ditzy blonde to other cubicle neighbor: If it was colder outside, this rain would be snow.


Overheard by: Just Because

Angry boss: Why can't the pen have a laser pointer? Why does the pen have to project the company logo? Why does it have to be gay like we're calling Superman or something?

Overland Park, Kansas

Student: I didn't take out a student loan.
Financial aid employee: So, where did you think the check for $2500 was from?
Student: Okay, I see where you are going with that.

Topeka, Kansas

Overheard by: Financial Aid Folks