Male coworker: Dugong! I wonder what dugongs taste like.
Female coworker: Hippos?
Male coworker: Except saltier.

South Africa

Overheard by: EnvironmentalScientistsAreWeird

Colleague to another who has been ill: Your doctor's sick note looks like it came from a vending machine.

Cape Town
South Africa

Associate #1: I've been planning to do that when I get a day off.
Associate #2: Ok… So when do you get off?

Law Firm
South Africa

Overheard by: Luke Wolfson

Trainer: In America, when our kids don’t finish their meals we tell them that there are starving kids in Africa. What do you tell them?
Clients from Kenya: [Silence]

Cafeteria, Hazina Towers, 258 Monrovia Street
Nairobi, Kenya

Salesman to manager: One of my customers is looking for prices on a laptop.
Manager: Okay, what is he looking for?
Salesman: A laptop.
Manager: Yes, but what is he looking for? I can get him a piece of crap for next to nothing, or a real expensive one. What is he looking for? What specifications and size is he looking for, and what extras?
Salesman: Okay, I'll find out.
(three minutes later, after phoning customer)
Salesman: He is looking for one, the size of an adult male's hands placed next to each other.

South Africa

Annoying coworker on phone, loudly: Yes, just a wax. (pause) What's a Hollywood?? (pause, then softly) Oh, no, hang on… No, I don't think so.

South Africa

Overheard by: Gael

Client staring at fish in tank: They are pretty when they swim around.
Hostess: Would you like to join them, sir?

South Africa

Customer: Do you have a bottle of coke?
Waitress: No.
Customer: What do you have?
Waitress: Coke.

Corper’s Lodge
Okobo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria