CSR: Okay, and what’s the address?
Customer: 123* A Street.
CSR: Okay, and which street is that on?
Customer: A Street.
CSR: I understand that you live on a street, sir, but I need to know which one.

1001 Roeder Avenue
Bellingham, Washington

Girl #1: Well, you know I like to get kinky.
Girl #2: Oh, I know.
Girl #1: I’ve never had a threesome, but I would do it. I have ground rules, of course, but I’d totally be down for a menagerie.

Andover Park West
Tukwila, Washington

Overheard by: Cat

Co-worker #1: All we ever talk about in this office is food. It is
always in the conversation.
Co-worker #2: Well, it is at every social occasion, and we center our lives around it in a way.
Co-worker #1: We should all become prostitutes so our conversations
center around our sexual liaisons rather then food.

2601 4th Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Coworker #1: You're so lucky you get to go home early!
Coworker #2: Nah, I have to go to my mom and dad's house. I just hope I don't get MRSA… Or crabs.

Everett, Washington

Manager looking at engineering drawing: Where are my nuts?

Everett, Washington

Woman checking child’s diaper: I just stuck my finger in your poop! Now I’ll have to bleach my hand.

2401 Utah Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: lastikgirl

Desktop support tech to cubicle farm of other desktop support techs: I have heard of cases of women raping men, but I do wonder at the logistics of it.

Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: Desktop Support Tech

Guy employee: So I read in the news today that drinking from Nalgene bottles while you’re pregnant may cause a miscarriage.
Girl employee: Oh my gosh! My best friend just had a miscarriage, and she drinks from a Nalgene bottle all the time!
Guy employee: See?

Tully’s Coffee, Union Station
Seattle, Washington

Female coworker, threatening another female coworker: Well, if I get a fucking yeast infection, you’re going to be the first to hear about it!

6th & Maple
Spokane, Washington

Girl: Did you ever eat SpaghettiO's when you were a kid?
Guy: No, my parents loved me.

Grocery Store
Vancouver, Washington