California and Northwest

Newlywed coworker: I am all about leather.

33 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California

Boss: Where the hell were you? I need to call someone.
Assistant: I was in the bathroom.
Boss: But I needed you.
Assistant: You told me to be more efficient, so when nature called, I answered on the first ring.

151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, California

Girl, shutting down printer: I'm gonna turn you off.
Creepster: Negative.

Costa Mesa, California

Co-worker on the phone: Really? And he had six donkeys?

1400 Lacey Boulevard
Hanford, California

Overheard by: suzanne

Food service worker: What type of soda would you like today?
Female customer: Large.
Food service worker: Yes, mam’m. But what type or flavor did you want?
Female customer: I said large.
Food service worker: Yes, ma’am. Diet Coke? Sprite? Coke? What type?
Female customer: Are you fucking stupid or something? Large. A large soda. How many times do I have to tell you?

San Diego Mall Food Court
San Diego, California

Office grunt: I do have a great divide!

9350 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California

Overheard by: lonecomic

Coworker #1: Another thing I recommend for you website is breadcrumb navigation, which…
Coworker #2: You know, now they have GPS.

Santa Barbara, California

Female manager to the ladies in the office: Are you trying to kill me? If you're going to use the lemon spray in the ladies room please spray upwards and not down on the floor. If you're trying to kill me, there are better ways…

Los Angeles, California

RVP: Hey, I thought you were out sick today.
Sales manager: Nope, I was just tired.
RVP: [peeved] Nice.
Sales manager: Hey, you brought me here for my brutal honesty.

8833 W. Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, California

Coworker #1: See, this is my new man bag.
Coworker #2: Oh, nice! So manly.
Coworker #3: Man bag? Sounds like scrotum.

270 County Hospital Road
Quincy, California