12PM Lunch

Cu­bi­cle girl: [Brad], want any­thing from Taco Bell? I’m mak­ing a run.

[Brad]: Yeah, I’ll go with you. But let me give you my or­der first.

Cu­bi­cle girl: But you’re com­ing with me.

[Brad]: I don’t want to for­get what I want. So I want the spicy chick­en, spicy, make sure it’s spicy…

250 Park Av­enue
New York, New York

No Se­crets on the In­ter­net

Hobo: You can’t make me stay here! Fuck you! I’m leav­ing!
White nurse: Get out, then! Leave!
Hobo, to black nurse: How you doin’, choco­late thun­der?
White nurse, laugh­ing: That’s to­tal­ly your porn name.

27th Street and 1st Av­enue
New York, New York

I’ll Just Bug­ger Off, Then

Cowork­er #1: Hey, you’re go­ing to be late for your meet­ing!
Cowork­er #2, dis­ap­point­ed: Ohh­h­hh… bum-sex.

IT Of­fice