You Won't Care About Getting Laid

Intern chick #1: You know, it bothers me going into a store to buy condoms. But I am equally troubled by the idea that even when I buy them online, someone has to physically stuff them into a box with the lube I ordered, and then ship it to my address. And they're there in some warehouse, thinking “Susie's getting laid tonight!”
Intern chick #2: You should look into Xanax.

Rochester, New York

White Collar Always Means Class

Businessman: I painted her bedroom. She picked this ugly red color.
Businesslady: You know, you could hire someone for like $100 to do
Businessman: It’s one little bedroom. It’s not like I’m handicapped.

350 Madison Avenue
New York, NY

While Your Coworker Holds It… What?

Lackey #1: My buddy tells me he exercises his cock in the shower by doing curls with a wet towel.
Lackey #2: That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows the best way to do that is by flexing your chode muscle all day long.

100 Wall Street
New York, New York