Coworker #1: Rio de Janeiro just won the vote to host the 2016 Olympic Games.
Coworker #2: Is that like a perfume?

Charles City, Iowa

Old boss: I used to do bad things, you know.
Young employee: Really?! Yeah, right.
Old boss: Yeah, like dealing coke. How do you think we got the money to start this place?

Des Moines, Iowa

Rep #1: What are you looking at?
Rep #2: It's a Mexican government web page. You can see the clouds and stuff anywhere in the world.
Rep #1: Cool.
Rep #2: It's super cool. I like, like the clouds and stuff. Maybe I should have been a cardiologist.

Sioux City, Iowa

Big chick: I walked to McDonald’s today. It’s like the subway diet, only less effective.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Overheard by: jared

Employer: Unfortunately, you’re not bond-able for hire because you have a felony from 2003.
Interviewee: I do? What for?
Employer: It seems it was for a parole violation.
Interviewee: Those are felonies?

Coralville, Iowa

Overheard by: Meg

Lady peon on cell: … And then there was a picture of him with a beer can up his butt.

Armar Drive
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Overheard by: b

Chairman of meeting: So we now have the new theme for next year's Christmas concert. It's going to be called “night of glory.”
Student representative, under her breath: Walk of shame.

Decorah, Iowa

Overheard by: Not allowed to vote in meetings

Male sales manager to female coworker: Yes, I've taken the “Sexual harassment and workplace violence” classes, and I can do both!

Waterloo, Iowa

Worker #1: The “Lunch And Learn” is today, right?
Worker #2: Yep.
Worker #1: Can we take our lunch in?

699 Walnut Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Boss: Alright everyone, I’m leaving for the day. Everyone knows my cell phone number, right?
Peon: 1-800-sex?

Northern Iowan
Cedar Falls, Iowa