IT: Okay, try it now.

The problem solved, it works.

Call Center: Wait, wait, wait. Don’t start jerking each other off just yet…We still have to test one other thing.

101 Empty Saddle Trail
Hailey, Idaho

Friend of coworker: (mumbling)
Coworker: So now I am sensitive to size!
Friend of coworker: (more mumbling).

University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho

Facilities manager to entire staff: And for the men in the office, please don't spit chew into the urinals, as it can clog the pipes and is very difficult to remove.
Engineer, joking: Oh, I see, single out the men. What about the girls?
Female QA manager, who actually chews: We don't spit, we swallow.

Boise, Idaho

Overheard by: testcenter cowboy

Female nurse, about new netbook: I guess I have to take this little pink thing home and test it out.
Male office manager: Can I watch?

Twin Falls, Idaho

Overheard by: jaekar99

Guy: Hey, can you tell me how to get to Billings, Montana?
Desk clerk: Yeah, just go north on 95, then east on 90. That’s the best way to get there.
Guy: Thanks! I just got fired. I’m a carnie. Carnie!

Moscow, Idaho

Overheard by: They have small hands.

Excited employee to boss: … And then I punched the raccoon…

Lumber yard office
Boise, Idaho

Overheard by: Michael

Coworker, about near-collision the night before: Mark*, I swear when I looked back last night you weren't pulling out! (entire office collapses in giggles)

Hailey, Idaho

Co-worker #1: Man the network is moving slow today.
Co-worker #2: Yeah, it’s like watching a quadriplegic crawl.
Office: …

3721 West 65th South
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Cowboy #1 looking at catered lunch: Well, they sure didn’t leave us any knives or anything to use with these cold cuts!
Cowboy #2: You’re right!
Cowboy #1: I’d use mine, but I don’t know if it’s been rinsed this week… Haha!
Cowboy #2: Haha! Mine either!
Cowboy #1: Haha, yeah, and I know where mine’s been!

Hospital conference room
Twin Falls, Idaho

Female Co-worker: Even if I was a woman, I wouldn’t put a Chippendales calender on my desk.

12602 W. Bridger Street
Boise, Idaho